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Martin Bagwell,  Executive Support
Medicines Control Agency
Market Towers, 1 Nine Elms Lane
London SW8 5NQ

28 March 2000

Dear Mr Bagwell,

Luckily for both of us, we have not corresponded before. The emptiness of your letter of 16 March conveyed a truly deep understanding of the teachings of St. Roy and Sir Keith - or perhaps you were using an outsize rubber stamp?

Would you now be kind enough to let me know if you were trying to tell me that the MCA has, as yet, formed no opinion about the impacts of DTCA - or whether the Agency is refusing to disclose and, if so, under which exemptions of the Code?

It seems almost to defy the existence of the Code to write a letter that fails to explain this, offering only to get back to us at some unspecified time. Please will you give me a date by which you undertake to reply, or else provide some good reason why the MCA should not do so. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Medawar


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