4.2 Additional published evidence reviewed

Published reports about SSRI withdrawal reactions are listed in a separate table.  The following citations relate to other matters discussed in the original paper, The Antidepressant Web; they are listed under value-laden terms (in red) and/or index terms (in black). Titles of particular interest are in larger type. Please suggest really useful additions to this list.

Outstanding studies and reviews

D.O. Antonuccio et al, 1999 - Raising Questions about Antidepressants

Glenmullen, 2000 - A detailed and disturbing review of problems with SSRIs (book)

R.P. Greenberg, S. Fisher, 1989 - Antidepressant drug trials could be much improved

D. Healy, 1998 - Two new books: absolutely seminal stuff and a pleasure to read

I. Kirsch, G. Sapirstein, 1998 - Fascinating stuff about placebo response in depression

Viguera et al., 1998 - Important review of consequences of antidepressant withdrawal 

T.J. Moore, 1997 - Discussion of SSRI risks and the FDA's failure to address them
See also Thomas J Moore's website: http://www.thomasjmoore.com

WHO, 1998 - At, last, a definition of 'dependence' on SSRIs marked by brevity, clarity and cogency


Interesting and important

Do antidepressants sensitise to depression, and promote long-term use? Fava, 1994, 1995

Testing antidepressants against active placebos - Moncrieff et al, 1998, Greenberg & Fisher, 1989  

BMJ editor says most published research is inadequate, Boseley, 1998

"... a disturbing story of reckless neglect" by the MCA, Roberts et al, 1998

Disturbing stuff about children on Ritalin, Prozac and other psychiatric drugs - Diller, 2000

Extrapyramidal reactions, sexual dysfunction, and SSRI withdrawal reviewedA. Campomori et al., 1999

A leading pharmacist discusses the severity of SSRI withdrawal and inadequate warnings,  Taylor D, 1999

A fascinating, straightforward view of long-term dependence on antidepressants, Nathan & Kinney, 1985

What is depression as experienced by people who know what it means?  Karp, 1996

Press report re: SSRI antidepressants promoted directly to US consumers: Freudenheim, 1998   

Antidepressants are no better than placebo in mild depression: Venning, 2000 

Interesting, somehow disappointing

Anon1999 - Drug & Ther. Bull on:  Withdrawing patients from antidepressants

C. Norton, 1998 - Sunday paper report: "Spare your blushes: doctors create pill to stop shyness"  

L. Baer et al, 1994 - Does this paper give evidence of withdrawal symptoms or relapse, or both?

A.R. Entsuah et al, 1996 - Re the benefits of venlafaxine in long-term treatment of depression

K.J. Gregor et al, 1994 - Re prescribing of fluoxetine and sertraline in a US hospital outpatient department

P. Haddad et al, 1998  - Re BMJ editorial, Antidepressant withdrawal is preventable and simple to treat

H.A. Pincus et al, 1998 - Re US prescribing/consumption data for SSRI antidepressants


In a class of its own

P. Haddad, Do antidepressants have any potential to cause addiction?  J. Psychopharmacol., 1999, 13(3), 300-307.



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