4. Developments since publication

The rest of this website reviews additional evidence, reports developments since publication, and discusses matters arising.

The original list of text references (4.1) is to be developed as a bibliography, by addition of new citations and any overlooked in the original paper. Citations used in the original text are in black type; additions are in blue and link to an emerging file: Additional Evidence Reviewed (4.2)

Many of the issues discussed in this paper are being taken up with the authorities concerned. See correspondence with government agencies (4.3), medical organisations (4.4) and pharmaceutical companies (4.5).

There are also three sites for overview discussion. The first (5.1) is for editorial notes and updates for new of What's New? on this ADWEB site.

Section 5.2, is devoted to readers' discussion and comments. If you want to make/see specific points, it's probably best to post/view them as annotations to the relevant chunks of text. But overview comments from readers and site visitors belong here.

Finally, at 5.3 there is space for critical comment - whether of this report or of the situation it describes - under the heading "Is this a true and fair view?". Thoughtful comments especially welcome.

Charles Medawar
Social Audit
February 1998
4.1 Text references
4.2 Additional evidence
4.3 Correspondence with government agencies
4.4 Correspondence with medical organisations
4.5 Correspondence with pharmaceutical companies
5.1 Editorial notes and What's New?
5.2 General and overview comments
5.3 Is this a true and fair view ?
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