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1998 Gram Citalopram, paroxetine, fluvoxamine Report, in Danish, gives brief details of reports of withdrawal reactions relating to citalopram (5 cases), paroxetine (5 cases) and fluvoxamine (1 case)
2000 Sempere et al Citalopram Letter re: withdrawal problems with citalopram (in Spanish)
2000 Fernando & Schwader Citalopram Case report in which a 45-year woman, taking 40mg/day citalopram experienced rapid-onset dizziness a few hours after missing her morning dose. On the second occasion this resulted in a minor car accident

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Nordeng et al Paroxetine
"Neonatal withdrawal syndrome commonly occurs in infants exposed during the third trimester to drugs known to cause addiction. We report five cases of neonatal withdrawal syndrome after third trimester in utero SSRI exposure. In three cases the mother used paroxetine in doses from 10mg to 40mg, one mother used citalopram 30mg, and one mother used fluoxetine 20mg. Withdrawal symptoms occurred within few days after birth and lasted up to one month after birth. Four of the infants needed treatment with chlorpromazine. Symptoms were irritability, constant crying, shivering, increased tonus, eating and sleeping difficulties and convulsions."

The following are the recommendations and warnings relating to withdrawal reactions for SSRI antidepressants in the Data Sheet Compendium 1999/2000:

Citalopram (CIPRAMIL): "Withdrawal reactions have been reported in association with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), including cipramil. Common symptoms include dizziness, paraesthesia, headache, anxiety and nausea. Abrupt discontinuation of treatment with cipramil should be avoided. The majority of symptoms experienced on withdrawal of SSRIs are non-serious and self-limiting."


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