Pharmageddon - Meeting participants, St. George's Day 2007


Graham Dukes – Professor of Pharmacotherapy, University of Oslo. Medical doctor and a lawyer, world-renowned expert on health planning and pharmaceuticals policy, regulation and legislation, and a prolific writer and editor in these and other fields.

Andrew Herxheimer – Clinical pharmacologist and founder editor of Drug & Therapeutics Bulletin. Co-founder of DIPEx (online database of patient experience of illness and treatment), and another prolific writer and mover. Emeritus Fellow of the UK Cochrane Centre in Oxford.

David Healy – Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Cardiff; clinician, historian and writer, specialising in the development of antidepressant and other psychotropic drugs and pharmaceutical companies. Leading international campaigner for scientific integrity.

Charles Medawar Founder director of Social Audit, and specialist on medicines safety and policy issues. Layman writer and policy analyst; former adviser to Parliamentary Select Committee on Health in its enquiry into The Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Susan Powell – Research consultant, script editor and writer with a broad portfolio in fictional and non-fictional literature, theatre and film.

Tim Reed – Former Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of Sociology, University of Sussex, now head of Health Action International (Europe) based in Amsterdam.

Donna Sharpe – Film Producer and writer, another wide portfolio, but her most recent work (BBC, 2007) was an exploration of ‘the special relationship’, and how Britain came to be billions of dollars in debt to the USA, presented by Christopher Meyer, ex-UK ambassador to Washington.

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