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Information Department
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
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28 September 2006


Dear Sirs,


1. Please supply one copy of the report commissioned into the MHRA’s communications strategy, delivered to the Agency in June 2004 and referred to by the MHRA Chairman in response to Q778 in evidence given to the House of Commons Health Committee on 20 January 2005.

2. Please identify by title, provenance and date of instigation and/or receipt all other reports commissioned by the MHRA relating to [a] Agency communications plans and/or activity; [b] the reputation/image of the Agency and perceptions of its standing and activities, and [c] public awareness and understanding of any or all aspects of its work.

3. Please provide [a] totals of expenditure by the Agency, in each of the years 2003 to 2006, on reports and/or evaluations relating to Agency activities, commissioned by the MHRA; and [b] the titles of all major reports/evaluations received, the identity of the individual(s) and/or organisations commissioned; and date (or expected date) of delivery.

Yours faithfully,
Charles Medawar