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                                              27 June 2006


Dear Mr Medawar,

RE: EFEXOR XI, (venlafaxine): PL 00011/0223-0224 & 00011/0199-0201 Advertisement in BMJ of 16 April 2005

Thank you for your letter of 2 June 2006 seeking clarification on the publication of a corrective statement for Efexor published in November 2005.

The Market Media Voucher Check was provided by Wyeth and has been verified by the MHRA as correct. The corrective statement is contained on the facing page of 1145 directly following an advertisement for Lipitor.

As is the convention with many publications that contain advertisements, the pages that contact advertising space are not numbered. The page number described on the Market Media Voucher describes the nearest numbered page to the advertisement.

Please find enclosed the MHRA's copy of the corrective statement, including the cover page of the journal with pages that precede and follow the corrective statement to clarify its exact location in the journal.

With regard to your second point, I apologise that it took some time to resend the 9 December material. This was sent again by next day delivery on 15 June 2006. June and I trust you have now received it.

Yours sincerely

Yours sincerely,

Dr Nageen Hashmi
Scientific Assessor, Advertising
Post-Licensing Division