Comments and intelligence from this site informs an ongoing (since 1997) Social Audit enquiry into corporate responsibility and accountability in pharmaceutical medicine, with particular reference to drugs for depression and other forms of mental distress. The discussion here connects to the main themes in Medicines out of Control? Posts and comments from antidepressant drug users have provided the stimulus for, and/or backbone of, arguments, submissions, complaints, scientific papers, media ventures, public enquiries into drug safety and effectiveness, and many matters arising.

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This discussion forum is otherwise not moderated - well, only in extremis - and please don't rely on it as a guide to treatment. Effective drug treatment depends on good user-prescriber communication. ADWEB aims to promote that, but it is mainly a policy instrument sharpening tool. Admin (among others) reads and heeds all posts, but they cannot be answered - alas no time, not to mention lack of expertise and the futility of offering general advice when drug experience and response depend so critically on individual circumstances. In the longer term, Admin will be aiming to flag what seem to be the most important and interesting posts, with a view to sorting them effectively, and galvanising appropriate action from the so-called 'competent authorities' et al.