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Adran Meddygaeth Seicolegol / Department of Psychological Medicine
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Yr Athro /Professor Michael J. Owen
Dr. D. Healy (Cyfarwyddwr)


Miss Sarah Wark, Senior Scientific Assessor Our Ref: DH/JT
Pharmacovigilance Group, Medicines Control Agency
Market Towers, 1 Nine Elms Lane
LONDON SW8 5NQ 21st March 2002

Dear Sarah Wark,

Many thanks for your letter of the 15th March. On first reading I was uncertain as to what you were actually proposing. A follow-up phone call from Ken Woodhouse has indicated that what you appear to have in mind is a meeting that would involve me being able to present a case or at least interact with members of the CSM/MCA. I’d be very happy to attend such a meeting.

I would go into such a meeting prepared to have my mind changed on the issues, and to have this change of mind recorded as part of the public record. Ken Woodhouse intimated that the CSM/MCA have a similarly open mind. Given this openness on both sides and given the possibility of an intermediate outcome, were the issues appear to be too complex to admit of a complete resolution, it would be best from my point of view if it were feasible to record the exchanges, either by actually tape recording the proceedings or else by having someone there with court reporter level typing or shorthand skills.

I cannot see that such a request would pose problems from a confidentiality point of view. I am at least as hamstrung by confidentiality constraints, as any of the MCA/CSM experts will be. My request has to do with covering what I interpret will be a scientific debate. Clearly there may be CSM deliberations afterwards in which I play no part and as such I am not proposing that any of this should be recorded in any way other than the way you record these things normally.

A further point is that given again what I interpret as the scientific debate nature of the meeting I wonder would it be possible to bring a colleague with me to the meeting. At this point in time I have no one in mind, I’m simply trying to establish whether in principle this would be acceptable or not.

I look forward to hearing from you and will try to do everything I can to facilitate such a meeting – if that is I’m supposed to be included.

Yours sincerely,

David Healy MD FRCPsych
Director, North Wales Department of Psychological Medicine
Uned Hergest, Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL27 2PW
Ffn: (01248) 384452 Ffacs: (01248) 371397
Hergest Unit, Gwynedd Hospital, Bangor, Gwynedd LL27 2PW
Tel: (01248) 384452 Fax: (01248) 311397

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