5.3 Not a "true and fair view" ?

Comments here may relate to any of the essential propositions in this paper, and/or to underlying evidence and interpretations which appear particularly weak. For ease of sorting and searching, message titles may be prefaced with any of the codes from the PRRS (Peer Review Rating Scale) below:

PRRS 1 Re: Mistakes or omissions identified in main text ?
PRRS 2 Re: Conclusion(s) not well enough supported by evidence given
PRRS 3 Re: Conclusion(s) refuted by superior evidence
PRRS 4 Re: Problems with style or presentation of data
PRRS 5 Re: Lack or failure(s) of understanding, interpretation
PRRS 6 Re: Intellectual hygiene problems
PRRS 7 Re: Bias or skewed perspective
PRRS 8 Re: Conflict(s) of interest, pressure(s) or constraint(s)
PRRS 9 Re: Uncategorised and other comments; none of the above

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