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20th August 1998


Mr Charles Medawar
Social Audit
P.O. Box 1 1 1
London NW1 8XG

Dear Mr Medawar

I wonder whether despite your busy schedule you might be so generous as to be able to contribute a signed editorial to Addiction? These pieces are of great importance to furthering the joumal's image of commitment to thinking and debate. An editorial has to be a serious piece of academic writing, but it is also something distinct from a learned review - it's shorter, it's a place in which one has the distinct aim of stimulating debate, identifying ideas, and pushing ideas a bit further forward. An editorial has to be referenced, but it should not be over-referenced. More than anything it has to be readable and engage attention. It has to be "good writing". A length of somewhere between 800 and 1500 words usually seems to do best.

What I had in mind was something under the title "Do anti-depressants cause dependence or abuse?"

So can you help? If as I much hope the answer is "yes", courtesy and good sense would both suggest that I should allow you to choose your own deadline. For purposes of scheduling the joumal's production we do however ask all authors who accept this kind of invitation to give us a target date which is realistic and firm.

To preserve our status as a refereed journal we now send even commissioned material out for refereeing, which everyone seems to find helpful rather than obstructive. I am giving you an updated copy of our guidelines for authors, and we will need a short abstract for foreign language translation purposes.

Best of good wishes, and I will look forward to hearing from you -

Griffith Edwards

Enc: note for authors

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Invitation was accepted and a third and final draft was submitted in January 1999

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