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Charles Medawar,

1st February 2000

Social Audit Ltd,
P.O. Box 11
London NW1 8XE


Dear Charles Medawar,

    I'm sorry that my letter of 23rd November was mis-addressed. We are under such pressure in these offices because of our shortage of staff (we can't afford to pay - I'm afraid - which puts us at a disadvantage) there must have been an error. Anyway you've got it now and I'm sure you can see (I hope you can see) that what we are doing in our relationships with any pharmaceutical company is to be pragmatic, hard nosed and totally realistic. We take their money for our work, and give them absolutely nothing back except the kudos of being involved with us. We have a high opinion of our own value and are not going to sell it short, believe me. Of course we know that there are risks to this sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies That is why we are so hard nosed about it - and they will tell you themselves, if you can bear to speak to any of them, that we are by no means anybody's push-over. All they do get is an annual thank you and an invitation to tea. And not another thing, no matter what investment they may have in mind. And as to my views on your feelings about pharmaceutical companies; I can only draw those from my own dealings with you. And you've shown nothing but unremitting hostility; as for your awareness of the treatment options for incontinence - once again, you gave me no reason to think you had any real understanding of the issues involved. But I thank you for making it clear you do.

Yours etc.
Calire Rayner


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