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Dr J.A. Costa e Silva, Director
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24 September 1998

Dear Dr. Costa e Silva,


This is a quick note to acknowledge, with many thanks, your letter of 4 September which, inexplicably, arrived only today. Of course I appreciate how difficult straightforward communication can be at this time of year.

I welcomed the information you gave about the informal consultation, in particular your assurance that any future meeting might be open to observers. I also appreciate the documentation enclosed which I shall study carefully; on a quick reading I didn't find anything specifically about sponsorship of experts attending consultations, but I may well have missed something. In any case, the spirit of the Guidelines seems to make quite clear the need for caution in any arrangements involving sponsorship, not just program support.

As you were kind enough to remind me of your invitation to meet to discuss issues of mutual concern, I thought I would mention that I shall be at WHO on Friday 9 October for, I think, a morning meeting of NGO representatives with Dr Scholtz and perhaps also with Dr Brundtland. If you did happen to have a few minutes that afternoon, I would be very pleased to meet. Perhaps your office could telephone me to let me know if you are likely to be in Geneva and if there might be a convenient time to meet.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Medawar



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