emealogo2.jpg (2881 bytes) The European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
Human Medicines Evaluation Unit
London, 3 August, 1998
Direct Line +44.171.418.8411

Dear Mr Medawar,

I am writing to you further to your letter of 24 July, 1998.

I can inform you that after adoption, EMEA opinions are forwarded to the European Commission. Once received by the European Commission, an EMEA opinion is subject to a procedure which results in a binding Commission Decision.

The Commission Service which principally administers this procedure in the Pharmaceuticals Products and Cosmetics Unit of Directorate General III.

I would suggest that you contact directly Mr Patrick Deboyser, Head of Unit (Tel.++ - Fax++

I hope this information is helpful.

Yours sincerely
Rolf Bass
Head of Human Medicines Evaluation Unit


Social Audit Ltd
P O Box 111 London NW1 8XG
Telephone/Fax 44 (0)171 586 7771

                                                                                            4 August 1998

Dear Professor Bass,

Thanks for your fax and for telling me that the CPMP/EMEA opinion has been forwarded to the Pharmaceutical Products and Cosmetics Unit of DGIII

I will get in touch with M Deboyser as you suggest. Thank you for this helpful information.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Medawar


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