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12 March 1999

Dear Mr Medawar,

My letter of 12 February promised that I would send a final reply relating to the information about CSM which was the subject of your complaint to the Ombudsman no later than Monday 15 March.

I have reviewed the information which the MCA has prepared. Whilst the OPCA expects us to release original edited documents (such as minutes) wherever possible, I have concluded that the release of the edited minutes is not the most effective way of dealing with this matter since it would render the information virtually meaningless.

I have therefore decided that we should prepare summaries of the disclosable information from these minutes and very much regret that it will take a little longer to complete this than I promised in my earlier letter. I am sorry for this delay and apologise for the inconvenience. I shall write again as soon as possible.

I am copying this letter to the OPCA

Yours sincerely
Roy Alder
Head of Executive Support


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