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14 October 1998

Dear Mr Medawar,

Thank you for your letter of 29 September. Dr Gordon Munro, Head of our Inspection and Enforcement Division, will undertake the review you requested of my decision not to release information regarding our consultation with the CSM about SSRIs on 26 March. I shall advise you of the outcome of Dr Munro's review and respond to any other outstanding points arising from your letter as soon as possible.

Perhaps I can clarify one point now which you raised at para. 7. Your previous letter of 21 August asked us to couch any refusal in terms which would enable you to seek immediate referral to the Ombudsman. Before any such referral, para 11 of Part 1 of the Code states that complaints should first be made to the department concerned. That is why my letter of 8 September referred you to our standard procedures and invited you to write Dr Jones in the first instance to request this review.

Yours sincerely
Roy Alder
Head of Executive Support



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