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12 October 1998

Dear Mr Dunlevy,

Since I left a message on your answering machine this morning, I've realised there are other letters outstanding. However, I've not done a systematic trawl.

1. You should ask Mrs. Belchem about her acknowledgement dated 21 August, Ref OG/98/59, because I can't place it. It acknowledges a letter from me (without mentioning its date) about Lariam (which it wasn't) that she passed to you.

2. I wrote to Professor Rawlins on 26 August, mainly about Ritalin and neuroleptic withdrawal, but have had no response. That letter was copied to Dr Jones, and Ms Loveland sent an acknowledgement dated 28 August in which she said a reply would come shortly.

Meanwhile I confirm I have had no response to my letters of 27th and 29th September and 2nd October to Mr. Alder, and there is also the question of my letter of 30th September to Dr Wood.

I was sad and shocked to hear of Dr Wood's death, and realise this will have been a real blow to her many friends and colleagues in the MCA. I am sorry. I understand she had been ill for some time and I hope she had the opportunity to say some good-byes. Even so, I know you'll be very much missing her at work; her soul was in it, for sure.

Had she lived, I'm sure Dr Wood would have come up with a conscientious answer to the letter I wrote. Hence the invitation to by-pass the letter of the letter and go for its spirit.

As I said in the last paragraph, I'm not really after Code-style replies to the many seemingly pernickety questions in that letter: I just want to know that the MCA/CSM have properly understood and assessed the risks. That question must be addressed: it raises such fundamental concerns about the drug control system, I hope Dr Jones will want to respond himself. However, I appreciate it would be unhelpful to press for any reply, and think it unnecessary too.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Medawar


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