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26 July 1999

Dear Mr Medawar,

I refer to your letter of 21 July. I am very sorry you feel I have not answered your original question about anv environmental policy in the MCA. I will therefore repeat it, as set out in my original letter of 30 June.

"Paper used is of a high environmental standard. It is chlorine free and produced taking wood pulp from managed forests. It exceeds EC standards."

I have written to the section responsible for this area asking them for the relevant EC standard. As promised in my subsequent letter of 9 July I will let you have this as soon as I know it. I am also sorry you feel I am refusing to let you have a list of E-Mail Addresses of MCA staff. As I have explained, MCA staff do not at present communicate with customers using external E-Mail. Yes we certainly use it routinely for internal communication and are actively investigating it for external use. However, at present I have no more news on when this will be available.

In answer to your six questions:

1.    All MCA Executives and staff do have E-Mail addresses but for internal use.

2.    There is certainly not extensive E-mail traffic out of MCA.   

3.    MCA would be unable to supply Frank Dobson or the Permanent Secretary with such a list.

4.    MCA would be unable to supply a pharmaceutical company with such a list.

5.    I have no reluctance in supplying such a list to you. I simply am unable to do so, as such a list does not exist.

6.    As you are fully aware I could not possibly comment on your view of the MCA.

Your letter has been treated as a formal request under the Open Government Code of Practice, however to save paper I have not acknowledged your letter but replied to it immediately.

Yours sincerely
Diane Leakey
Information Pharmacist



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