C.1.93 Release of Assessment Reports (ARs) to Companies in receipt of Section 21(1), 28(3) and 21(3) letters. Oct-93
C.2.93 Appointment of Members of the Day Oct-93
C. 1.95 UK Contribution to the EC Pharmaceutical Committee Sep-95
E.3.92 Security - States of vigilance 1992
E.4.92 Suspect Packages or Letters 1992
E. 1.96 Fire Instructions and Evacuation Procedures - Market Towers Nov-96
F.1.92 Authorisation of Expenditure 1992
F.2.92 Travel and Subsistence Claims 1992
F.4.92 Arrangements for Galaxy Cars 1992
F.7.92 Ordering Printing and Stationery 1992
F.S.92 External Training 1992
F.9.92 Travel and Subsistence Advances Oct 92
F.2.93 New D H Cost Centre Structure Mar 93
F.4.93. Arrangements for Petty Cash Aug 93
F.1.95 Travel and Subsistence Booking and Payments Procedures Mar 95
F.1.97 Reimbursement of Fees & Subscriptions to Professional Bodies 1997
G.5.92 Micro Helpdesk -92
G.9.92 Taking part in Surveys by Outside Organisations -92
G.4.93 Monitoring Correspondence with EC Commission May-93
G.5.93 Gold Files Aug-93
G.8.93 File Office Sep-93
G.11.93 Labelling and Leaflet Regulations Dec-93
G.2.94 Archives Apr-94
G.3.94 Registration Apr-94
G. 1.96 Stationery Mar-96
G.3.96 Telephone Extensions Jun-96
G.6.96 Crown Copyright Oct-96
G.7.96 Location of Material & Services Within ES Nov-96
G.8.96 EUDRANET Pilot Phase (BMs, GMs & UMs only) Nov-96
G.9.96 MCA Records Management Policy Dec-96
G.11.96 Parliamentary Questions & Ministerial Correspondence Dec-96
G.1.97 Submissions to and meetings with Ministers Mar-97
G.2.97 Open Government Code of Practice  Mar-97
G.3.97 Handling complaints  Jul-97 
G.4.97  Standard Procedure for Public Consultations Sep-97 
G.5.97 MCA House Style or Standard Layout for Typed Work   Dec-97
G.1.98  External Presentations & Publications  Jan-98
G.2.98  Supervision of Deliveries to Market Towers  Feb-98
G.3.98   Provision of IT Equipment  Mar-98
G.4.98  Booking of Conference Rooms  Apr-98
G.5.98   Photocopying Books and Journals  May-98
P.4.92  Return of Property when Staff Leave Sep-92
P.5.93 Staff Welfare Services Oct-93
P.3.94  Exit Procedures  May-94
P.4.94  Motor Mileage Allowance  Aug-94
P.5.94  Absences from Work due to Sickness  Aug-94 
P.2.95  Insurance for MCA Staff Travelling on Official Business  Feb-95 
P.1.96  Arrangements for receiving new staff  Feb-96 
P.4.96  Special Bonus Scheme (BMs and GMs only) Oct-96 
P.3.97  Recruitment  Aug-97 
P.4.97  Overtime  Aug-97 
P.1.98  Performance Appraisal in the MCA  Feb-98 
S.1.94 Office Security  Mar-94 
S.2.94 Personal Property; Personal Safety, Wearing Identification Passes Jul-94
 S.1.96  Data Protection Act 1996
 S.2.96 Clear Desk Policy and Protection of Files and Paper Sep-96
S.1.97   Staff Working Late   May-97
S.1.98   Use of Fax Machines for overseas communications   Jan-98
S.2.98   Disclosure of Information   Apr-98
MCA Executive Support
May 1998


The following items were requested by Social Audit and supplied on 17 June 1998: 

G.1.97 Submissions to and meetings with Ministers
G.4.97 Standard procedure for public consultation
G.I.98 External presentations & publications
P.1.98 Performance appraisal in the MCA
S.2.98 Disclosure of information
P.4.96 Special Bonus Schemes

A supplementary request was made by Social Audit on 18 June 1998 for G.3.97 'Handling Complaints' (July 1997), together with a minor query about G.5.98 'Photocopying Books and Journals' (May 1998).


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