W.J. Giakas, J.M. Davis, Intractable withdrawal from venlafaxine treated with fluoxetine, Psychiatric Annals, February 1997, 27 (2), 85-86 and 92.

Authors report three consecutive cases (26-35 year old women) where patients experienced severe withdrawal after discontinuing venlaxfaxine, following treatment ranging from a week or two to seven months: "Repeated attempts at gradually tapering the dosage were unsuccessful and led to intolerable withdrawal sensations."  In these and other cases, authors noted appearance of withdrawal symptoms within a few hours of patient missing a dose. Although, symptoms they saw "are not identical to a fully-fledged psychedelic experience or a true migraine headache, similarity is evident..."  In all cases, venlafaxine was eventually discontinued under cover of fluoxetine, which itself was later withdrawn uneventfully in one of the three cases.

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