T. Lynch, Beyond Prozac: Healing Mental Suffering Without Drugs (Dublin, Marino Books, 2001)

"Dr Terry Lynch had been practicing as a GP in Limerick for a number of years when he began to experience serious doubts about the response of the medical professsion to emotional disturbance, serious depression and suicide: so called mental or psychiatric illness. In his own practice he ceased working as a typical GP, devoting a small period of time to a large number of patients every day, and decided instead to provide a more holistic service, offering counselling and support to patients, some of whom have been gravely depressed or emotionally disturbed in other ways.

"In this controversial, deeply felt and hard-hitting book, Terry Lynch takes issue with conventional medical treatment of psychiatric or emotional illness. He questions how doctors diagnose different levels of emotional disturbance and the efficacy - and inherent dangers - of the drug therapies that are offered to many people as a mater of course."

Beyond Prozac has proved very popular in Ireland, reaching No.3 on the best sellers list, and should be published elsewhere.

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